Inter Teaches Handball To New Recruits

On Saturday, September 8th Chicago Inter hosted its first ever “Intro To Handball” clinic. Inter’s website was deluged with visitors during the Olympics who had seen the game on TV and wanted to know more about this exciting (and we think totally awesome) sport.

Club President, Jacque Messel, had trouble keeping up with the flurry of emails. “There were so many emails!! It was exciting to see our sport get so much interest.” Inter is always looking to attract new members, but it can be intimidating to jump into practice with the experienced and competitive players of the Inter squad, many of whom grew up with the sport. The obvious solution was to host a training session specifically aimed to new players.

USA Team Handball Technical Director Mariusz Wartalowicz makes a cameo appearance

USA Team Handball Technical Director Mariusz Wartalowicz makes a cameo appearance

Under the tutelage of long-time Chicago coaches, Pawel Gryc and Felix Murokh (with help from Mariusz Wartalowicz, Gosia Gunka, Jolanta Kunicaite and Jacque Messel), 25 newcomers spent two and a half hours learning the important rules, like no clothes-lining opponents and respecting the 6m zone and the basic fundamentals such as passing, shooting and defending. It is very rare to introduce a person to handball and not have him or her love it, so the new players were very enthusiastic and eager to learn more.

All handball rookies and volunteers pose together

The handball veterans show the rookies the most important part of handball: the traditional group photo in the goal

“I had a lot of fun, and it was great to see the eagerness to learn this fantastic sport!” remarked Katrine Burr, one of the several Inter players who volunteered at the seesion.  Women’s coach, Felix Murokh echoes the sentiment, “Everyone who came showed such a great interest in handball.  I think we will pick up a many new players for our club, which was one of our goals for the clinic.”

It’s about time handball started getting noticed by American athletes.  Chicago Inter is thrilled to strengthen its development program and to welcome these new handball players.  It just proves what we have always thought about “everyone else” who doesn’t play handball…. Just because they don’t know about our sport, doesn’t mean they won’t love it!

  • Inter Ladies Add Another Gold to Their Collection

    The Inter ladies rallied back in the morning game to defeat Carolina to take first place in the 4th annual Michael Lipov Memorial Cup. Inter newcomer, Camilla Andersen, was voted MVP, with Julia Taylor from Carolina the tournament's top scorer and Urszula Pawka from New Jersey, the most valuable goalie.

    On the Men's side, NYAC secured first place in the fourth annual Michael Lipov Memorial Cup by defeating Moscow. Minnesota Team Handball narrowly edged out the hosts, Chicago Inter, to capture third place. Individual awards went to top scorer Ethan Pickett (Chicago Inter), MVP Vladislav Kalarash and Goalie of the tournament Danny Caparelli.

    Congrats and thank you for making it a great tournament!

    The men's MVP is Vladislav KaRarash

  • Spring Schedule

    During the Spring, Inter will practice twice a week on Tuesdays from 8pm to 10pm and Fridays from 7pm-9pm at Northeastern Illinois University.

    Please double-check the 2014 Spring schedule to be sure we'll be there.

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